Major Bomb Attacks in the World in 2010

The following are some major blasts in the world since the beginning of this year:

July 12 : At least 78 people were killed in two bomb explosions that rocked local restaurants in Uganda's capital of Kampala on Sunday night. The blasts occurred as the victims were watching the World Cup Final.

July 11: At least 105 people were killed in a suicide bombing and car bomb attack that devastated a busy market in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of Mohmand Agency.

May 28: More than 95 people were killed and 108 others injured as gunmen armed with hand grenades and suicide jackets stormed into two Ahmadi mosques in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore during Friday prayers.

May 17: India's extreme left-wing Naxal rebels triggered a landmine blast in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, killing 15 policemen and 30 civilians who were on a bus.

April 17: At least 41 people were killed and more than 50 others injured after two suicide bombers attacked an Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) camp in northwest Pakistan's Kohat city.

April 6: Seven massive bomb attacks struck residential buildings in Baghdad, killing 35 people and wounding 140 others.

April 5: A suicide bomber attacked a political party rally, leaving 49 dead and 50 wounded in the Lower Dir district that borders tribal areas in Pakistan.

March 26: At least 53 were killed and 105 injured in twin bombings in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala.

March 21: A motorbike bomb rocked Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, killing 10 people and wounding seven others.

March 12: Two suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan's Lahore claimed at least 45 lives and wounded 100. Both attacks reportedly targeted military vehicles that were passing through a crowded area.

Feb. 5: A series of attacks targeting Shiite pilgrims killed 43 people and wounded at least 105 in Iraq's southern city of Karbala where they were participating in religious activities.

Jan. 1: At least 105 people were killed and dozens of others injured when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle in a crowd watching a volleyball game in the southern district of Lakki Marwat in northwest Pakistan.
                              - Source: Xinhua News Agency-

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